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IncrEdible flowers Cork

IncrEdible Flowers in Ballincollig produces fresh fruit flower arrangements and gourmet chocolate-dipped fruit. A family run businesses established by Denisa in 2014.

IncEdible Flowers
Source: IncEdible Flowers

These cool creations first caught our eyes at the Wilton & Bishopstown Enterprise Town in Wilton Shopping Center a couple of months back and recently at the Cork and Kerry Food Market.

Incredible Flowers
Incredible Flowers at Wilton & Bishopstown Enterprise Town

The eye-catching combinations and display are very intriguing and we were delighted to get samples to review. We received the Berry Box Deluxe and the Berry Box with Vermicelli and Coconut.

The Berry Box Deluxe

Source: IncrEidible Flowers

Includes 16 Strawberries and a mix

of Dark, Milk, White Chocolate with flakes, swirl, vermicelli, almond flakes and coconut.

The Berry Box with Vermicelli & Coconut

Source: IncrEdible Flowers

Includes 16 strawberries anda mix of

Milk chocolate dipped strawberries with milk vermicelli and White chocolate dipped strawberries with coconut.

 Presentation & Taste

We were really impressed with the beautiful presentation and packaging. All fruit and chocolates arrived well-protected and un-harmed. The chocolate dipped strawberries came in a white and red box with a ribbon accompanied with an information leaflet in a red bag. Both boxes were just as delicious as each other. The Berry Box deluxe provides an opportunity to try out a variety of chocolates and coverings. If you are a lover of coconut and not a fan of dark chocolate than the Berry Box Vermicelli and Coconut is a good option!

Incredible Flowers
Source: IncrEdible Flowers

It was clear immediately after the first bite that these chocolates and fruit are fresh and handmade. The strawberries were sweet and juicy and the chocolate was very tasty. We were very satisfied as it was just the perfect amount of both sweet and tart. They didn’t last long and are a great alternative to flowers.

IncrEdible Flowers – Perfect for any occasion

 The bouquets are designed to resemble flowers and can include a variety of different fruits. Some of the fruit you can avail of include Strawberries, Pineapple, Cantaloupe, Watermelon, Honeydew, Grape and Kiwi, Apple and Oranges.

IncEdible Flowers
IncrEdible Flowers deliver to Cork City and surrounding areas. All deliveries are personally delivered and delivery charges are added to the cost of your purchased item. IncrEdible flowers are made to order and are a nice gift for that special someone for Valentines Day, Mothers Day, to say thank you etc. IncrEdible Flowers are perfect for events and occasions.

Source: IncEdible Flowers

If you love strawberries and love chocolate than more than likely you are going to love these!

For more information, you can checkout

IncrEdible Flowers website



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