Go Local Ireland – Promoting & Showcasing Irish Business

 Go Local Ireland & Go Local Cork

Go Local Ireland – People are the heart of the town and provide so much to our community; thus

in this series we will be showcasing some of Cork and Ireland’s finest businesses,

and share with you some of our favourite items, products and services they provide.



Go Local Cork Go Local Ireland

 Go Local Ireland

 Promotes and showcases Irish business, their products and services and encourages people living in Ireland to

Shop, Stay, Buy, Eat and Visit locally.

Go Local Cork Go Local Ireland


Want to be featured in our

 Go Local Ireland Series?

If you are a Company, Brand, Business in Ireland and

would like to be featured on our website, videos and various social media platforms



with the Subject

 Go Local Ireland.

If you Go Local you will help to support local jobs, contribute to the local economy and community and ensure the future sustainability of our countries most significant industries.

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