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This week’s guest blogger on ‘Let’s Blog Together’ is Ailbhe from

Lovers of beauty💅 make up & fashion👜 you are going to love The Red Brunette. The Red Brunette is filled with many diverse posts organized into three categories and many useful tips! As readers, we love this as it makes it very accessible and easy for us to navigate our way around Ailbhe’s blog. As well as the layout each post has a mixture of images and writing which makes a very easy read. We love Ailbhe’s Blog Post titles; very engaging with great use of alliteration!

The Three Categories are as follows


Includes posts such as Festival Face, Dupe Debate, Gradually Tanned, Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder and Hide a Hangover

Source – TheRedBrunette.ie
Source – TheRedBrunette.ie


Includes Posts such as Festival Fashion, The Pink Pants (Love these pants btw!) Black Metallics, Casual Stripes and Style Savvy

Source – TheRedBrunette.ie
Source – TheRedBrunette.ie


Includes Posts such as Reasons Ailbhe Loves Cork, Dublin Travel Diary, Bunsen Burger, and Huckleberry’s Doughnuts 

Source – TheRedBrunette.ie
Source – TheRedBrunette.ie

We love looking at images that are appealing to the eye and Ailbhe’s images are visually appealing and crystal clear, especially the pictures of FOOD! Take a look at Ailbhe’s instagram HERE and you will know what we are talking about.

Source – TheRedBrunette.ie
Source – Ailbhe_Woods on Instagram

 We LOVE the name of Ailbhe’s Blog because it’s personal, unique and represents Ailbhe 

The name of Ailbhe’s blog, The Red Brunette comes from the colour of her hair. Ailbhe has auburn hair, which means it is a mix of red and brown, thus a Red Brunette!  

Learn More About Ailbhe:


Please introduce yourself? 

My name is Ailbhe, I’m 19 and a college student from Cork.  My blog is called The Red Brunette, I post weekly all about fashion, beauty and lifestyle, a mix of everything really.


Source – TheRedBrunette.ie
What is your advice/tips for a person just starting to blog for the first time?
Definitely do your research to figure out what platform is best for you (Blogger or WordPress). Figure out what you want your blog to stand for and what you want people to gain from reading it whether that be outfit inspiration, fashion tips, life advice or makeup recommendations. Always make sure you are creating content that you yourself would enjoy reading yourself as a viewer. Try and think of a name that’s a bit different but also represents you, that can nearly be the hardest thing! Finally, create social media platforms for your blog or start including blog content on your personal platforms because this is the easiest way to interact with other bloggers.
Who have you worked with and what advice would you give bloggers who want to collaborate?  
I have never collaborated with brands but I have contacted PR companies. Think of a media kit as your blog CV, try and sell you and your brand on it. Also send it as a PDF file instead of a word document. Be friendly but also professional when in contact with brands and always know your worth and never agree to something you don’t think you deserve eg creating content for them for free etc you need to stand up for yourself!  
Ailbhe’s Top 3 Blogging Tips
1. Always use natural light when taking photos, because everything else doesn’t turn out as good and doesn’t look as professional. It doesn’t matter if you use your phone or a DSLR camera, it won’t look good either way if the lighting isn’t good.
2. Be consistent with uploading. If you like uploading once a week then stick with that. Of course take a break every now and again if you need to but not uploading for months won’t be good for your followers. Everyone likes to see content consistently, not every now and again.
3. Blog because you love doing it and talk about what you love because that passion will come across. Don’t do it just to get free stuff or get famous, things are only starting to happen for me three and a half years down the line and a lot of hard work has gone into it. So blog for the right reasons and you will get places.
Also I know it’s only 3 tips but here’s an extra one, don’t get caught up on numbers. The amount of followers you have or page views you are getting doesn’t mean anything. Never use those numbers as a guide to judge your success, they mean nothing at the end of the day.


Photography/Videography Tips:

What do you use to take pictures/videos? 

I use a Nikon D3200 camera and absolutely love it. It is a bit bulky to carry around so I would love to invest in an Olympus Pen soon.


Source – TheRedBrunette.ie
What apps do you use to edit your pictures/videos? 
I’m actually not a fan of editing my photos. I’ve done a few blogposts explaining this but I don’t edit my blog pictures because I want the reader to be able to see exactly what the camera sees to keep it as real as possible.
I do love using UNUM to create my Instagram feed, that’s a fab one. But that’s the only photo app I use!



Favourite Beauty Brand?
I was asked this in a recent Q&A I did and I would definitely have to say Nyx. They are a great all round brand and are very affordable. I adore their blush in taupe to contour with as well as their soft matte lip creams, definitely try them if you haven’t already!
Favourite fashion brand?
It would probably have to be Topshop because they always have gorgeous stuff even though they are quite expensive or New Look. I always find stuff in there especially in their sales or else if I’m shopping for a dressier occasion.
Favourite shop?
Hands down it would have to be Penneys. I’m always finding gems in there and as a student it’s a great price point. They are just a great all round shop for fashion, beauty and homeware.
Favourite place to visit or thing to do in Cork and why?
I am a bit biased with this one as I study there but UCC is definitely somewhere everyone should see. I adore being around the campus and the Quad is just stunning. It’s also really close to to Fitzgerald’s Park which is fab in the summer. I also love going to the roof of Paul Street Car Park for a great view of the whole city.
Favourite restaurant in Cork and why?

That’s like asking me who my favourite child is! I adore Ramen, Coqbull, The Fran Well for pizza, Captain Americas because of their student deals, and Huckleberry’s Doughnuts or Casanova Gelato for something sweet.


Source – Ailbhe_Woods on Instagram

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