‘Let’s Blog Together’ – Meet Rebecca from Rainbows and Fairydust & Rebecca & Kevin Vlogs

This week’s Guest Blogger and Vlogger is Rebecca from

Rainbows & Fairydust & Rebecca & Kevin Vlogs


For beauty junkies, fashion divas and those who love to travel,

Rainbows and Fairydust is for you! 

Rebecca blogs about products, new purchases and provides tips and tricks to help you keep up with current trends while being affordable!

  We all want to say on trend without breaking the bank👌


Rebecca has been doing extremely well with blogging and has been nominated and shortlisted for various awards 😍


Source – Rebecca-Casey.blogspot.ie



Rebecca is also a vlogger at Rebecca and Kevin Vlogs with her boyfriend Kevin. They upload new videos Mondays and Fridays.

If you are looking for inspiration or tips for holidays, you have to check out Rebecca and Kevin Vlogs. As well as Rebecca and Kevin’s friendly and down to earth personalities another reason we love their vlogs is that they inspire us to explore new countries and cultures! They have traveled to many places such as Florida, Salou, Paris and Munich. 

Source -RainbowsAndFairydustblog on Instagram


By subscribing to their channel you will get travel inspiration and an insight into their lives in Cork. By following their journey you get to experience Cork; shops, street performers, restaurants, gigs etc! For interior lovers they also film home decorating! Check out their must recent vlog – Bedroom Decor Update


Learn More About Rebecca:

Please introduce yourself?

My name is Rebecca Casey, I’m 25 and a blogger and vlogger from Cork. I’ve been running my blog, Rainbows & Fairydust, since 2013. I blog about beauty products, fashion and travel. In 2014 my boyfriend, Kevin, and myself decided to start vlogging and have been uploading vlogs to our YouTube channel, Rebecca & Kevin Vlogs, ever since. We film trips and holidays abroad, shopping, home decorating and give our viewers an insight into our daily lives!



What is your advice/tips for a person just starting to blog for the first time?


 Write a few sample blog posts / drafts before you start publishing. That way, you’ll get a feel for your style of writing and have a few in storage to keep you going if you don’t get a chance to write more posts regularly.
 Use original photos. It’s obviously very easy to upload Googled images but it’s much better to have your own photos; your readers will appreciate your authenticity more.
 Join a bloggers Facebook group. These groups can be a great source of inspiration for blog post ideas, tips, support and general advice. Personally, my favourite group is the Cloggers one which is a Cork based group. I’ve made some great friends through this group and it’s very well run and very supportive.

 Do it for you. The blogging world has become so saturated but if it’s something you enjoy, that shouldn’t bother you. Blogging should be something you enjoy and do for yourself; not to impress others or just to become “another blogger”.


Who have you worked with and what advice would you give bloggers who want to collaborate? 

 I haven’t done any paid collaborations yet but I have been lucky enough to be connected with certain beauty product brands. I’ve also been really lucky to work with Impressions Hair Salon in Ballicollig. I’ve been super afraid of hairdressers having had very bad experiences in the past. However, Joyann and her team understood this from the beginning and have been so helpful and amazing since I started working with them. I honestly couldn’t recommend them enough.


 With regards to advice for working with brands, I’d have a media kit made up and ready to send them. I’ve actually made mine a separate tab on my blog so it can be easily found.

 I’d also recommend only working with brands that you’re interested in or which fit into your blog. No one wants to hear you promoting a brand only because you’re being paid for it!


Rebecca’s Top 3 Blogging Tips
 Write about something that interests you.
 Connect with readers and other bloggers through social media.

 Enjoy it! Blogging can be a great way of connecting with others and a way of showcasing your thoughts, ideas and reviews with a wider audience. It can be a great source of accomplishment so enjoy writing and sharing your content. Be proud of what you’ve written!



Photography/Videography Tips:

What do you use to take pictures/videos? 

I use my iPhone 6s. For filming our vlogs, our iPhones work great. It’s easy to film as we always have our phones on us, it has auto stabilization, great audio and focuses really well. It’s just worked better than other cameras we’ve tried. I use the same for taking my blog photos – just making sure I set up a nice background and get good natural lighting.


Source – RainbowsAndFairyDustblog on Instagram


What apps do you use to edit your pictures/videos?
For our videos, we use Adobe Premiere Pro.

For my photos I mainly use the Instagram editor. I don’t use the filters, just alter the brightness, contrast, saturation etc. I sometimes use Snapsnerd and Moldiv but I mostly just use the Instagram editor.


Source – RainbowsAndFairyDustblog on Instagram

Rebecca’s Favourites:

Favourite beauty brand?
 I don’t really tend to stick to one beauty brand so that’s hard. I’m in love with the Estée Lauder double wear foundation, Morphe 35O eyeshadow palette and benefit porefessional. Everything else I tend to mix and match with different brands.
Favourite fashion brand?
 To be honest I don’t really have a favourite fashion brand. I tend to shop a lot in Penneys but don’t really tend to stick to any one particular brand.
Favourite shop?
•Definitely Penneys! Don’t think I could live without Penneys! Can any Irish girl?!
Favourite place to visit or thing to do in Cork and why?
To be honest, I don’t tend to explore Cork very much which is awful really! I definitely need to change that though! For the last few years, we’ve been attending the World Street Performance Festival in Fitzgerald’s Park. It’s run over a weekend in July and it’s a great family fun day out. Highly recommend it!
Favourite restaurant in Cork and why?
 I’ll be honest and say I don’t really tend to eat in a lot of restaurants. You’ll find me very frequently in Nandos but does that count since it’s a chain?! I like Nandos as it’s a quite causal restaurant without feeling like you’re in a fast food restaurant and it also has very tasty food!

You can find Rebecca at the following:


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