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This week’s guest blogger on ‘Let’s Blog Together’ is Sarah from

Beauty and Fashion lovers, The Fashion Diet is for you! Sarah blogs about fashion and beauty, as well as photography, art and lots more! Sarah is new to blogging, only starting in February and has already gained a great following and collaborated with brands!  Sarah provides great tips, which is very useful for anyone that is interested in starting a Blog.

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Considering Sarah is only 17 and already very passionate about fashion and consistent with her blog she is definitely one to watch out for! Sarah always responds to her followers and is very active with supporting others; we have had great support from Sarah!

Some of our favorite posts from The Fashion Diet include

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Source – The.Fashion.Diet on Instagram

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Source – The.Fashion.Diet on Instagram

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Learn More About Sarah:

Please introduce yourself?
My name is Sarah Collins. I am a 17 year old student living in Midleton, Co.Cork. I started my blog ‘The.Fashion.Diet’ in February of this year. I have always been interested in the fashion and beauty world. When I was a small child, I would always draw sketches of clothes, play with different fabrics, play with my mums makeup etc. So in February of this year, I decided that I finally wanted to share my love for those things with the world. On my blog/Instagram I like to post about  Fashion,Beauty,Lifestyle,Photography etc. When posting, I always make sure to post about things I like, and things that will be relatable to my followers. I find it so interesting to see people make a career out of blogging!
 I would love to be able to do something like that when I am older.


Source- TheFashionDietSite.wordpress.com
What is your advice/tips for a person just starting to blog for the first time? 
I have definitely learn’t a lot in the past few months since starting my blog. Before you start,you should think about what you want to post/write about. I would recommend using wordpress when you are starting a blog, because it is very straight forward and easy to use. The most important tip I would give to someone is to be YOURSELF!  Don’t try pretend like you are a different person, people will like you more if you are being yourself, and also being super honest about brands, products etc. Set goals for your blog, and social media accounts, this will definitely make you feel more motivated. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. I have talked to so many bloggers over the past few months. They are all so friendly and helpful. My last piece of advice, is to write for yourself first, yes its important at times to know what your followers like, but you should also focus on your thoughts, opinions etc and try ignore the fact that everyone else will read your post.
Who have you worked with and what advice would you give bloggers who want to collaborate? 
So far I have received products from 3 brands. Ruth’s Natural Skincare sent me some products to review about 2 months ago. Ruth’s skincare products are all handmade by her in Dun Laoghaire here in Ireland. In the past few weeks I have products from Buxom Cosmetics and Essence. Buxom Cosmetics have over 249k followers on instagram, and they sell really lovely, affordable makeup products. And I’m sure all of you know Essence, there products are sold in Penneys and pharmacies around Ireland! I’m currently writing reviews for those brands, and they should be up on my blog soon.
If I was to give some advice on how to collaborate with brands, I would say that you should make a list of all the brands you would love to work with. If you have any products by that brand, post about it, and make sure to tag them so you get noticed.
Source -The.Fashion.Diet on Instagram
Sarah’s Top 3 Blogging Tips
1. Be yourself
2. Connect with other bloggers, go to events etc
3. Be consistent


Photography/Videography Tips:

What do you use to take pictures/videos? 
I actually use my phone and ipad mini to take my photos!  I have the Huawei Y5ii, and the camera on it is actually really good, and the photo editing on it is fabulous. I really love the camera on my ipad mini, it takes really good, professional photos and it also has a HDR mode.
I am hoping to get a camera soon!!
Source – The.Fashion.Diet on Instagram
What apps do you use to edit your pictures/videos? 
I use the photo editing options on my phone or ipad mini, or I love using VSCO! It is a fabulous app, I would definitely recommend getting it. 

Sarah’s Favourites:

Favourite beauty brand?
Since I am only a teenager, I do tend to use drugstore makeup because they are affordable. Here is a small list of the brands I really love:
Rimmel, Revlon, L’oreal, NYX, NO7, Collection, Maybelline and Bourjois! 
Favourite fashion brand?
Ohh, I have a lot of favourite brands! For starters, I love all the high end brands like Dior, Gucci, Balmain, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent etc.
And then when it comes to fashion brands I can afford I love: 
H&M, GAP, Zara, Penneys, Topshop, Pretty little thing, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfigger, Adidas, Nike, and French Connection!
Favourite shop?
In Cork, I always go to Penneys, H&M, New Look, Zara, Topshop, Stradivarius and Sostrene Grene.
Whenever I go to Dublin, I always love going to Urban Outfitters, they have amazing pieces!
Favourite place to visit or thing to do in Cork and why?
In the Spring/Summer months, I love going to Fitzgeralds Park. It is such a beautiful park to go to when you just want to relax or go for a walk. I always love the buzz their when there is festivals on or when people perform in the bandstand etc.
 I also love finding new coffee shops in Cork. In the city, we have a load of really cool coffee shops for example Soma, Cork Coffee Roasters, Alchemy, Dukes Coffee Company etc.
Source – The.Fashion.Diet on Instagram
Favourite restaurant in Cork and why?
I think we are really lucky when it comes to restaurants in Cork. We have such a big selection of places to eat.
Some of my favourite restaurants in Cork are Greene’s, Nando’s, Scoozi’s, The Cornstore, The Bodega, and Electric.
I really want to try Son Of A Bun, their food looks delicious!

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