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This weeks guest blogger on ‘Let’s Blog Together’ is Flo from 

Looking for Male Fashion Inspiration? You have to check out Flo! This guy definately has style and knows how to pose 👌

We really enjoy reading Flo’s blog posts; learning about social differences and common practices across all countries! Each post is very interesting and different. Flo is very open and honest and we love reading about his experiences, hopes and aspects to certain situations and topics. Each post gets us thinking and we always feel motivated and inspired after reading Flo’s posts 😍 

Some of our favourites include

The Importance of Leadership

 Build Yourself 

 Managing Your Inner Fustration

We are delighted to have Flo participating in ‘Let’s Blog Together’,

thank you Flo!

Learn More About Flo:

Please introduce yourself? 

My name is Flo, I’m from Corsica, an island off the Italian coasts. When I moved to Ireland in January 2016, I decided to start blogging about social differences and common practices across all countries I have been living in. Corsica, France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, all have different ways of reacting to the same situation. It can be funny to put every country in parallel and see where the discrepancies are. I always add some personal points or aspects as well.


Source – David Joyce – Fraser Highland Photography.
What is your advice/tips for a person just starting to blog for the first time? 
Blog about what you’re genuinely interested in. If you feel forced on anything, either the topic or the way of writing, that’s going to be something the person reading the blow will feel and will lose interest.
Who have you worked with and what advice would you give bloggers who want to collaborate?  
I did a collaboration with Marie Barry-Murphy (The Beautmum) for a watch brand called Sundial, using sunlight instead of batteries.

I would of course love to do much more collaborations as they bring you some ideas, influence, inspiration. It’s a bit of a brain storming to work with someone to achieve a group project while usually bloggers are in their own world.


Source – Mariebarry-murphy.com
I became brand ambassador for a men grooming products’ brand, following a bloggers’ call I saw on Instagram (their post was promoted).
Using Hashtags, looking at who promote their posts and brands to see who needs more publicity and looks for help to increase their reach.
Flo’s Top 3 Blogging Tips
1. Write with your heart. It makes it more personal.
2. Write with your head. It must be clear and to the point.
3. Write with yourself. If it’s not your own thing, there is no point.

Flo’s Photography/Videography Tips:

What do you use to take pictures/videos? 
My iPhone for the landscape or selfies.

For the portraits and clean shots, I use the pictures I get from my modelling activities.


Source – Flo_saulnier on Intstagram
What apps do you use to edit your pictures/videos? 
Instagram is usually sorting you out but if you like a nice ‘black and white’ effect, the app Lightroom is the best one I know.

Flo’s Favourites:

Favourite music?
Rock, folk. Usually plays with emotions and vibes, Arctic Monkeys does it really well. From an Irish side,  I just discovered Morrissey and Marshall, they are very good.
Favourite fashion brand?
All Saints for the style, their visual communication on social medias is everything. Zara for the great compromise cost/fit, few of my suits are from Zara and it’s the most comfortable.
Favourite shop?
Designer shops, all of them, they are full of interesting vibes and inspiration. You don’t have to like the style to actually enjoy the shop. Los Angeles is the very best place for designers shops across all places I have ever been.
Favourite place to visit or thing to do in Cork and why? 
The city centre itself is a nice place to hang around. I love walk around with my camera and look at how light value people and building.
Source – Flo_saulnier on Instagram
Favourite restaurant in Cork and why?
Electric Café. The atmosphere, the food, the staff, the view on the street and the décor. It all goes perfectly together.

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