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You have to check out Megan’s website! Megan’s website is extremely well laid out, with funky fonts and many blog posts on a range of topics such as beauty, fashion, travel and lifestyle 👌 Megan has something for everyone to enjoy!  Some of the posts in particular we enjoyed of Megan’s are Cardigan Jezebel Photo Challenge, Freebie Fridays, Free Blogging Resources and Hotel Reviews 😍😍 If you are looking to collaborate with brands or to learn blogging tips you will DEFINITELY learn a lot from Megan! Megan has collaborated with many brands and provides great tips in this interview!

We are delighted to have Megan participating in ‘Let’s Blog Together’,

thank you Megan!


Learn More About Megan:

Please introduce yourself? 

Hello people of the internet! I’m Meggan. I’m a twenty-something American living in Ireland. I blog about everything from beauty to lifestyle, fashion to travel, and everything else in between.


What is your advice/tips for a person just starting to blog for the first time? 
Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. A huge part of blogging is promoting you and your blog. You have to feel comfortable with shouting into the void about a post you just did, or even just telling your friend! 


Have you done any collaborations?
Who have you worked with and what advice would you give bloggers who want to collaborate?  

I have! I spent a lot of time contact PR companies and brands in the early days of my blog. And, I still do. Email any and all brands you love. They all have people working in PR at their companies. Just ask to be put on their PR list. You’ll probably just get a lot of press releases but eventually, you might be sent a few products. If you don’t have a media kit, make one. If you don’t have time to make on or don’t know how, keep an updated list of all of your stats with links (Your page views, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) In the three years that I’ve been running my blog, I’ve worked with brands like Urban Decay, Wet’n’Wild. YSL, Kiehl’s, The Gibson Hotel, and more!


Source – CardiganJezebel.com
Source – CardiganJezebel on Instagram


Megan’s Top 3 Blogging Tips
1. Patience is everything. You are not going to go viral overnight (if you do… congrats!!!) 
2. Be social on social media!

3. Have fun! People can tell if you’re just waffling through a post. Write about things you love and that you’re truly passionate about.


Megan’s Photography/Videography Tips:

What do you use to take pictures/videos? 
I use a Nikon Coolpix L820. It’s a bridge camera – which means it’s a bit of a point and shoot and a bit of a DSLR in one. Perfect for beginners or people who can’t afford the DSLR of their dreams. I prefer to use natural lighting as much as possible. But, I also have a little shadow box and some small lights.
Source – CardiganJezebel on Instagram
What apps do you use to edit your pictures/videos? 

I mainly use Photoshop for all of my pictures. But, if I take pictures on my phone I use VSCO cam and A Color Story!


Source – CardiganJezebel on Instagram

Megan’s Favourites:

Favourite beauty brand? 
Urban Decay, hands down!
Favourite fashion brand?
 If New Look counts as a brand it’s absolutely New Look!
Favourite shop?
 Penneys, duh!
Favourite place to visit or thing to do in Cork and why?

 Huckleberry Donuts! I’m obsessed with Donuts and I make it my mission to find them where ever  I go when I travel so it’s nice to have some awesome ones at home!


Source – HuckleberrysDoughnuts on Instagram
Favourite restaurant in Cork and why?
 Son Of A Bun! Great food and great atmosphere!

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