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This weeks guest blogger on ‘Let’s Blog Together’ is Caroline from
 For those who love to travel, you have to check out Caroline’s Instagram, she has stunning pictures from all her travels 😍  Caroline provides great destination reviews which are very beneficial for planning your next trip 👌 We all love affordable fashion and Caroline blogs about affordable fashion with many outfit posts! If you have any questions about flowers, Caroline will be able to give you the best advice! If you are looking to purchase flowers for any occasion check out

We are delighted to have Caroline participating in ‘Let’s Blog Together’,

thank you Caroline!



Learn More About Caroline:

Please introduce yourself? 
I’m Caroline, and my blog name is CarolinesDays. 
I focus on affordable fashion, lifestyle posts, my travel experiences and destination reviews, and also a bit about my life, my loves and my full time job as a florist! Blogging is my hobby, something I enjoy doing, I’m not looking to make it my career 🙂

What is your advice/tips for a person just starting to blog for the first time?  
I would definitely say look for a blogging group in your area on Facebook or some social media. I joined the Cloggers Bloggers group in 2015 back when it started and it has been so helpful with all aspects of blogging. It’s also been a great way to make new friends! Blogging can be a very solitary thing, you’re on your laptop or smartphone all the time working on posts etc, so I really found the Cloggers group a wonderful way to connect with likeminded people. 
Caroline’s Top 3 Blogging tips
1. Write about what YOU want to write about. Don’t be dictated to by society about what your content SHOULD be. Write about what you enjoy, your opinions, your ideas… As Oscar Wilde said, “Be Yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” Don’t try to be like every other blogger. Be authentic.
2. Try not to make your posts too long. Nobody wants to read that much text. It’s a blog you’re writing, not a novel.
3. Definitely include photos in your posts. And try to get as much natural light in your photos as possible. 

Caroline’s Photography/Videography Tips:

What do you use to take pictures/videos? 
Maybe this makes me a bad blogger, but I just use my iPhone! I find the camera in it great if I’m honest, so I don’t see the point in spending a fortune on a fancy shmancy camera that I’ll probably never use, and definitely won’t use properly (not that tech savvy) 
Source -Carolinesdays on Instagram


What apps do you use to edit your pictures/videos? 
I don’t really edit my photos. I might alter the brightness or exposure a tiny bit, and I just do this on my apple laptop with the photos app!


Source – CarolineDays on Instagram

Caroline’s Favourites: 

Favourite beauty brand? 
Tarte Cosmetics. I discovered this brand in New York a few years ago and since then I’ve been a huge fan. They’re a pretty natural brand, using a lot of things like amazonian clay and sea algae, and they don’t use any parabens or any of that bad stuff. They’re also cruelty free which is a big thing with me.
Favourite fashion brand?
 I’m not hugely into brands, I don’t think I own a single designer thing, definitely nothing high end anyway. My favourite high street brand is Zara.
Favourite shop?
 If you ask my boyfriend he would probably say Penney’s, I always seem to be dragging him in there while I’m “browsing”! For a smaller shop in Cork, I really love Unbound on Bridge Street. They always have adorable bits and pieces.
Favourite place to visit or thing to do in Cork and why?
 I don’t tend to revisit the same places that much. I love exploring so I’m always going to “new-to-me” parts of Cork. But if I had to choose somewhere I love going back to it would probably be Blarney Woollen Mills. I could walk around there for hours looking at all the crafts and goods on sale. The restaurant is pretty good there too, especially in the summer when the weathers nice and you can sit outside in the sun watching all the tourists come in on their buses looking for the Blarney Stone! 
Favourite restaurant in Cork and why?
 My favourite restaurant in Cork is Drakes on French Church Street/Academy Street. I go there all the time, and I can honestly say that I’ve never, ever had a bad meal! Everything on the menu is so tasty and it’s really good value too. 

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