The Rebel Review go to Funderland!

Funderland 2017

When we received the invitation to this year’s Funderland preview, we were delighted to head along to check it out.

We managed to go on the majority of rides and went back for some seconds!  Here’s a quick video of what to expect this year at Funderland on Tramore Road in Cork:

If you like to get splashed by water head for the Jungle River. For an unexpected experience head on  The Ice Jet, you’ll know what we are talking about after you have experienced it! For a nice view of lovely Cork, the Star Flyer is a must. Don’t forget to test your driving and bumping skills on the Euro Rally i.e The Bumper Cars!

Tips – 

  Keep your phone in a zip pocket, remove jelwery and wear comfortable clothing. Buy a wristband instead of paying for individual rides as the price adds up fast if you are paying for individual rides. Even with the wristband, bear in mind that all the stalls where you try to win prizes are an additional cost on a per play basis, and don’t forget to budget for refreshments.

Prices & Details

The Rebel Review had lots of fun at Funderland and had the opportunity to experience many different thrills. The atmosphere was great, friendly staff and you don’t have to walk far to go on the next ride. All sweet and savoury needs are catered for and toilets are on the premises. Great day out for family and friends, you won’t be disappointed! For more information see the Funderland website Here

We hope you have as much fun as we did ❤️

The Rebel Review 🙂 



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