Griffins Garden Centre – Great Griffin Burger Review

Griffins Garden Centre

During Cork Burger Festival, The Rebel Review were invited to Griffins Garden Centre in Dripsey to sample The Great Griffin Burger.

We sat in a lovely corner table next to the window overlooking the river valley. The presentation of the table was nice and we were served by three friendly and helpful ladies,

Helen, Mary and Noreen.

Great Griffin Burger Appearance

The first thing we notice when being served a Burger is the appearance.

Take a look at the picture below, doesn’t The Great Griffin Burger look extremely appetising? It is clear that a lot of TLC went into making this burger.  All components of The Great Griffin Burger (The tasty gubbeen cheese, lettuce, tomato, crispy streaky bacon covered with caramelised onion with a generous portion of sauce) were all stacked well together. Big thumbs up to the Chef 👍 Food at Griffins are sourced locally and homemade, therefore we know all ingredients are of high quality!


The most important part of a burger for us is the Taste. This burger was delicious! We think that the majority of people would agree that a good burger should be juicy, not dry. The meat was juicy, tender, cooked well and piping hot. You can really taste the freshness and quality of the ingredients they use. The bap was scrumptious, infused with rosemary and garlic.

Would we return?

Most definitely YES.

More information

Griffins Garden Centre website Here

Happy Eating,

The Rebel Review 🙂




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