Cork Coffee Weekend 2017

Coffee Lovers, Listen up! ☕  Get your coffee fix at Cork Coffee Weekend, 27th to 29th January 2017!

What is Cork Coffee Weekend?

Cork Coffee Weekend is a showcase of 15 great Independent cafés in Cork from 27-29th Jan 2017, run voluntarily by  &  – On Twitter, also on FB\Insta. Over the three days, there will be many different events from barista showdowns, roaster talks, tastings, brewing session and some great music from Cork’s own Stevie G and much more!

Times and Schedules

Join in The Coffee Conversation!

Are you on twitter? Would you like to join in on the Coffee Weekend Conversation? If so click HERE for a list of Independent Cafe Twitter Accounts.

Cork Coffee Weekend hashtag is  

 Happy Coffee Weekend To All,

The Rebel Review 🙂 

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